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Final patent application along with PCT filed in April 2021

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Arvind Sethi
Anupama Sethi
Sanandan Sudhir
Prayas Rokde
Rohan Sharma
Avi Sethi
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Novelty, Innovation Steps & Industrial Applicability
Dual headgear is a 2-in-1 two wheeler headgear that provides safety to both the rider and the pillion in the same product.

Lightweight individual helmets, within permissible weight limits even if worn together.

Convenient to carry around and store in the boot of a two wheeler.

No need to worry about challans and fines.
DualSafe Prvate Limited has come into existence for catering to multiple problems/issues faced by more than one person or multiple & enhanced facilitations while dealing with them.
Dualsafe has been registered in April 2020. DPIIT recognized DualSafe as a startup and awarded certificate for the same in September 2020.
Dualsafe was also recognised by the Government of Karnataka as a startup in June 2021.
There is NOTHING existing of similar form or shape providing safety to two-wheeler riders and pillions’, across global market.

Also, The product Viz. Dual Headgear has its market not only in India, but also across multiple nations in South America, EAPO countries, EU countries and ASIAN Countries. How can we leave APAC countries out?

Dualsafe prototype with IoT features like Alarm, Interconnectivity amongst two helmets, Wireless Connection with mobile for Music, Calls and GPS directions apart from audio from compatible applications would add safety and convenience for commuter(s) as IoT enablement enhances focus on road too.

DualSafe has plans to have more software driven features added to facilitate increased focus on road. Models in plan are for Two Adults and/or for One adult and One child thus covering customer base across board . In all countries, where the common mode of transportation is a two-wheeler, there is business potential for this product.